Winter After Winter (2019)

Winter After Winter

China – 2019

Director:  Xing Jian
Screenplay:  Xing Jian
Runtime:  110’
Cast:  Yan Bingyan, Gao Qiang, Liu Di, Yang Fan, Zhang Zhiyong, Hibino Akira
Editing:  Wu Shitong
Cinematography:  Guo Daming
Sound:  Luo Jun
Production:  Shanghai Alibaba Pictures Co., HH On-line Culture & Media International Co., Beijing Namdream Network Technology Limited Liability Company
Sales:  Rediance, Jing Xu
Language:  Mandarin, Japanese, Russian

Italian première

1944. Manchuria is occupied by the Japanese, who in north-eastern China look for youngsters to send into forced labour. In order to guarantee the continuity of their bloodline, Lao Si asks his youngest son to make his sister-in-law pregnant, as one brother has fled and the other is impotent. Just when he is about to try, the youngster and his brother are taken away. Seven months later, without Lao Si knowing, the young man returns and finds a hiding-place in Ku’s cellar. This way, Ku becomes pregnant, but this will lead to a long series of complications…

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