Don’t Walk Away (2019)

Don’t Walk Away
China – 2018

Director:  Cici Li
Screenplay:  Cici Li
Runtime:  65’
Cast:  Cici Li, Wang Tao, Dong Yuhao, Zhou Haodong, Zhang Hongjing
Editing:  Zhi Peng, Cici Li
Cinematography: Wang Ruoyu
Sound:  Xu Yin
Production:  Litang Pictures
Sales:  Cici Li
Language:  Chinese
Awards: Best New Director (Macau International Movie Festival 2018)

European première

Zeqing is a young and aspiring artist, a professional who feels she can make the great leap into the world of painting with her first exhibition. At the same time, she teaches art to university students who appreciate her greatly for her competence and intellectual depth. However, the complexity of life, family and social relations, and feelings, fill Zeqing’s daily life with insecurity, difficult choices to be faced and traumas to be overcome.

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