An Exceptional Barber of Seville (2019)

An Exceptional Barber of Seville

Italy – 2018

Director:  Giulia Ciniselli
Screenplay:  Giulia Ciniselli, Daniela Schiavone
Runtime:  16’
Cast:  Bamba Karamoko, Sega Trawally, Solomon Ajede, Daniela Schiavone
Editing:  Giulia Ciniselli
Cinematography:  Riccardo Banfi
Sound:  Maurizio Pini
Production:  Integra onlus
Sales:  Giulia Ciniselli
Language:  Italian

World premiere

In Cesate, a small town in northern Italy, a group of asylum seekers is involved in the staging of the opera “The Barber of Seville” by Rossini. It is the occasion to get to know an aspect of Italian culture and for the townspeople to get to know them. Two years later, three of them, Sega, Bamba and Solomon, tell us about the experience.

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