The Interpreter (2019)

The Interpreter
Italy – 2018

Director:  Hleb Papou
Screenplay:  Giuseppe Brigante, Emanuele Mochi, Hleb Papou
Runtime:  16’
Cast:  Lorena Cesarini, Roberto Negri, Aisha Montana
Editing:  Fabrizio Paterniti Martello
Cinematography:  Cosimo Caroppo
Sound:  Valerio Tedone, Giandomenico Petillo
Production:  Quasar
Sales:  Quasar
Language:  Italian, Edo

An Italian girl of Nigerian descent works with the police, translating the telephone conversations intercepted on the traffic of Nigerian prostitutes. Threats, curses, the murder of a Madame. The interpreter is deeply upset by this violent reality and the remainder of ancestral beliefs that she discovers she still has in her.

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