Soyalism (2019)

Italy – 2018

Director: Stefano Liberti, Enrico Parenti
Screenplay: Stefano Liberti, Enrico Parenti
Runtime: 65’
Editing: Erika Manoni
Cinematography: Enrico Parenti
Sound: Stefano Piro, Guappecarto
Production: Albamada, Elliot Films
Sales: Elliot Films, Susanna Trojano
Language: English, Portuguese, Chinese
Awards: Audience Award for Best Documentary, Special Mention of the Jury for Human Rights (Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto – Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Cibo 2018)

In a world affected by climate change, the control of food production is becoming increasingly an enormous business for a handful of large corporations. From the pig farms in North Carolina and China, to the monoculture of soya which has developed in the Amazon rainforest to feed animals and exported to Mozambique, the film describes how the expansion of this process is endangering the social and environmental balance of the planet.

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