Non è una bufala (2019)

Non è una bufala

Italy – 2018

Director:  Niccolò Gentili, Ignacio Paurici
Screenplay: Niccolò Gentili, Ignacio Paurici, Severino Iuliano
Runtime:  16’
Cast:  Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Gisella Burinato, Maziar Firouzi, Francesco Acquaroli
Editing:  Andrea Maguolo
Cinematography:  Daniele Ciprì
Sound:  Pasquale Filastò
Production:  Lotus Production
Sales:  Premiere Film, Valeriya Radkevych
Language:  Italian

Convinced that Jihadist terrorism is about to attack Italy, Renzo (P. Bellocchio) now lives as a recluse in his apartment, with the complete collection of books by  Oriana Fallaci and the cardboard boxes of pizza and supplì (fried rice balls) that he receives at home, eating exclusively Italian food. Having decided to take justice into his own hands, he sends a bomb to the Saudi Arabian Embassy….

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