My Home, in Libya (2019)

My Home, in Libya

Italy – 2018

Director:  Martina Melilli
Screenplay:  Martina Melilli
Runtime: 66’
Editing:  Enrica Gatto
Cinematography:  Nicola Pertino
Sound:  Nicola Ratti
Production:  Stefilm International
Sales:  Stefilm International., Edoardo Fracchia, Elena Filippini
Language:  Italian
Awards:  Corso Salani Award (Trieste Film Festival 2019)

Martina, 28, is in search of her identity, her roots and the concept of home, investigating Tripoli, the city where her grandparents lived, with the help of a young Libyan she had contacted through the social networks. Through an exchange of pictures and chats, the relationship between the two becomes deeper and deeper. The web lets them gradually overcome the physical and cultural boundaries that separate their lives.

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