The Night of Cesare (2019)

The Night of Cesare
Italy – 2018

Director: Sergio Scavio
Screenplay: Sergio Scavio, Pierpaolo Piciarelli
Runtime: 19’
Cast: Cesare Manca, Mbow Khadim, Blessing Umude
Editing: Andrea Campus
Cinematography: Silvio Farina
Sound: Roberto Cois
Production: Cineclub Nuovo Aguaplano
Sales: Zen Movie,Virginia Gherardini
Language: Italian
Awards: Best Sardinian Film (Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival 2018), Giovani Visioni Sarde Award (Visioni Italiane 2019)

Cesare is a solitary old man, we do not know a lot about his life. He looks at the world through his very thick glasses. He seems detached from everything, but his kindness overflows when he looks after Kadim, the son of his neighbour, a Nigerian girl who often works at night.

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