Freedom Fields (2019)

Freedom Fields

Libya / UK / Netherlands / USA / Qatar / Lebanon / Canada – 2018

  Naziha Arebi
Screenplay:  Naziha Arebi
Runtime: 99’
Editing:  Ling Lee , Alice Powell , Maya Hawke
Cinematography:  Naziha Arebi
Sound:  Giovanni Buccomino
Production:  SDI Productions Ltd / HuNa Productions
Sales:  Wide House, Anais Clanet
Language:  Arabic, English
Awards: Feather Award for Best Feature Documentary (Karama Film Festival 2018), Best Film (Joburg Film Festival 2018)

Italian première

The Libyan women’s football team has to reckon with the disappointment of a revolution which promised freedom but which brought the  Shari’a and made Libya an even more isolated and backward country. Through the struggle of these passionate footballers, the fill tells the story of five years in the post-revolution period and gives an original view of Libyan women. It is the first feature film made by a Libyan woman.

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