Flatland (2019)

South Africa / Germany / Luxembourg- 2019

Director:  Jenna Bass
Screenplay:  Jenna Bass
Runtime:  117’
Cast:  Faith Baloyi, Nicole Fortuin, Izel Bezuidenhout, De Klerk Oelofse, Eric Nobbs, Brendon Daniels, Clayton Evertson, Albert Pretorius, Kim Goncalves
Editing:  Jacques de Villiers
Cinematography:  Sarah Cunningham
Sound:  Bao-Tran Tran “Mobilegirl”
Production: The Match Factory 
Sales:  The Match Factory GmbH, Sergi Steegmann info@matchfactory.de
Language:  Afrikaans, English

Italian première

To escape from her husband who raped her on her wedding night, Natalie commits a murder and flees on horseback with her milk sister Poppie in the wild and semi-desert Karoo. Beauty, a solitary policewoman, receives a request for help from Billy, the lost love of her life, who has been accused of murder. A journey into the discovery of the self, between Western and detective film, of these three women, so different from one another but all equally desperate, in a South Africa which is still deeply patriarchal and racist.

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