El abuelo (2019)

El abuelo
Peru – 2018

Director:  Gustavo Saavedra Calle
Screenplay:  Gustavo Saavedra Calle
Runtime:  99’
Cast:  Carlos J. Vega, Sebastian Rubio, Javier Valdés, Romulo Asseretto, Patricia Portocarrero, Gabriela Velasquez, Irene Eyzaguirre, Franklin Dávalos
Editing:  Gustavo Saavedra Calle, Jorge Constantino
Cinematography:  Jose Luis Salomón
Sound:  Edgar Lostanau, Daniel Vega
Production:  El Directorio, El Colectivo
Sales:  El Directorio, Gustavo Saavedra Calle gustavo.saavedra@eldirectorio.com.pe
Language:  Spanish

Italian première

Crisostomo‘s eightieth birthday is coming up and his son Alfonso along with his grandsons Santiago and José Maria, take him on a trip to his hometown, Huamachuco, in the north of Peru, where he has not set foot since his youth. For El Abuelo (Grandpa) it is the occasion to show them the places where lived as a youngster and the people he left behind so he could give his family a better life. A moving story of a trip into the past with hints of humour.

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