Bulbul Can Sing (2019)

Bulbul Can Sing
India – 2018

Director:  Rima Das
Screenplay:  Rima Das
Runtime:  95’
Cast:  Arnali Das, Bonita Thakuriya, Manoranjoan Das, Manabendra Das, Pakija Begam
Editing:  Rima Das
Cinematography:  Rima Das
Sound:  Susmit Bob Nath
Production:  Flying River Films
Sales:  Flying River Films, Rima Das rima.films@gmail.com
Language:  Assamese
Awards: Golden Gateway for Best Feature Film in the India Gold Section (Mumbai International Film Festival 2018), Best Performance and Best Asian Feature Film (Singapore International Film Festival 2018), Special Mention of the International Jury of Generation 14plus (Berlinale 2019)

Italian première

In the idyllic countryside of a village in Assam, three teenagers in search of their identity are close friends in complete serenity. On the threshold of adult life, they will very soon have to face the harsh laws of behaviour in a patriarchal society. Their first amorous experiences will put their friendship and their freedom to the test.


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