Bautismo (2019)


Italy – 2018

Director: Mauro Vecchi
Screenplay: Luca Speranzoni, Mauro Vecchi
Runtime: 18’
Cast: Jayson Sami Alvarado, Erika Roldan Garcia, Ibrahim El Sayed, Justin Heredia
Editing: Marcello Sanna
Cinematography: Mauro Chiarello
Sound: Ivan Mosconi, Luca Roncoroni
Production: K48, Play Rough Films
Sales: Zen Movie,Virginia Gherardini
Language: Spanish
Awards: Best Original Music (Roma Creative Contest 2018)

Roman, a youngster from San Salvador has been in Milan only for a few months, reunited with his mother. He spends his days listening to audio lessons of Italian and swimming by himself in the middle of nature. Then he meets Nora, who will let him come into contact with others of his own age, the youngsters of the most feared South American gang in Milan, the Armada Latina. But what will be the price he has to pay to emerge from isolation?

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