Festival Center

A festival within the festival: the Festival Center features daily events and exhibitions on the cultures from the three continents.
A meeting point for the guests and the public to relax between screenings.

The exhibitions

(courtesy of L’Agence à Paris)
The series is made up of 18 photos taken by Nicola Lo Calzo during his travels in Togo and Benin between 2011 and 2017, and it explores the complexity of Tchamba, a peculiar voodoo ritual. The Italian photographer introduced the exhibition during the Festival Center’s grand opening on Saturday 17th March 2018.

Focus on Joana Choumali
The main hall of the Festival Center featured some works of the ivorian photographer Joana Choumali from the series Resilients, which explores the inner relationship of modern African women with their own traditions.

L’incontro. Photos taken by the students of the Accademie LABA Brescia and LABA Douala
The third exhibition hosted at the Festival Center featured the photographs taken by the Italian students of the LABA Brescia and the Cameroonian students of the LABA Douala (a COE project in Cameroon); the theme of the photos is the wide concept of “meeting”. The world famous photographer Giovanni Gastel is a testimonial of this exhibition.

The events
The Festival Center hosted a daily Q&A with the guests at Tea Time, the perfect occasion for the public and the journalists to meet directors and artists from all over the world.
During the whole week there were Conversations, Book Presentations, Workshops and Tastings to get in touch with the cultures of the three continents in a unique way, between one film screening and the other.



Opening hours:
Saturday 3/17 5-10pm
Sunday 3/18 10.30am-6pm
Mon-Fri 10.30am-9pm
Saturday 3/24 10.30am-6pm
Sunday 3/25 10.30am-9pm

Further information: festivalcenter@coeweb.org


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