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1. Place, period and name
1.1 The twenty-ninth edition of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival will be held in Milan from the 23rd to 31st of March 2019. Founded in 1991 as the Festivalof African Cinema, since 2004 it has taken the name of African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival. It is the only Festival in Italy – and one of the three in Europe – wholly dedicated to the cinemas and cultures of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Parallel events, or held immediately afterwards, are scheduled in other Italian cities.

2. Objectives
2.1 The African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival is an opportunity for encounters and to get to know quality cinema which for the most part are unknown to the Italian public. Special attention in selecting the films is given to young filmmakers, new trends and new audiovisual languages from the three continents. The presence at the Festival of directors from the three continents represents an opportunity for professional exchange with Italian and European operators of the sector as well as the opportunity to stimulate North-South and South-South co-productions. Italian cinema is also present at the Festival, in the EXTR’A section, to examine in greater depth topics linked to immigration, integration and interculture.

3. Foundation and Organization
3.1 The Festival is organized by the Centro Orientamento Educativo Association – COE (www.coeweb.org), a non-governmental organization of international cooperation that has worked since 1959 promoting and diffusing the cinemas and cultures of the three continents.
3.2 For the Festival, the COE creates an Organization Management and an Artistic Management.

4. Festival activities
4.1 The programme of the Festival is divided into the following film sections with the attribution of the following prizes*:
“Windows on the World” feature film competition
Fiction and documentary films made by directors from Africa, Asia and Latin America (minimum running time 60 min.)
Prize euro 8,000
Competition for African short films
Short films (fiction and documentaries) made by African directors (maximum running time 59 min.)
Prize euro 2,000
EXTR’A Competition 

Fiction films and documentaries made by Italian and Italian-based directors in the three continents (Africa, Asia and Latin America) or related to immigration, integration and interculture in Italy.
Prize euro 1,000
Flash section

Significant previews presenting recent films by established directors, critically acclaimed films or films that have received awards at the most important international festivals.
Special and thematic sections, retrospective and tribute sections (non-competitive)

*The Artistic Management, for each edition, reserve the right to confirm the prizes and their values during the organization of the Festival. Prizes are assigned by juries the Artistic Management expressly constitute for each edition (see also Point 7)

4.2 In parallel with the film programme, the Festival organizes meetings with the guests and round tables.
4.3 During the event, the Festival Center is open, a meeting place for guests and public, with temporary exhibitions and offering multidisciplinary activities and meetings inspired by the cultures and current events related to the three continents.
4.4 The Festival dedicates special attention to young people and students with a Schools Section and a University Section: special screenings, a Young Jury, a Teachers Jury and meetings with directors, seminars and workshops.
4.5 The Festival offers to some films that are selected the possibility of being included in its catalogue, coordinated by the COE Foundation (link to the catalogue www.coefilm.org), for non-commercial distribution and/or home video in Italy.

5. Entering the festival
5.1 The films are selected by the Artistic Directors of the Festival on the bases of their artistic values and content.
5.2 Films and videos – that preferably have not been previously screened in Italy – made in 2018 and 2019 can take part in the competitive sections.
5.3 To enter the Festival, the entry form must be completed and the film sent in its original language (subtitled in English or French) preferably on DVD or by link to be sent by email no later than 21st December 2018. Entry is free of charge.
5.4 The information on the films selected, biographies, filmographies and photographs will be used for the catalogue. The contents of editorial production that make up the informative material of the festival are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike CC-BY-SA free licence issued by  CC Creative Commons (for more information, please consult http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).
5.5 The Festival bureau will send the results of the selection indicatively from February 2019.
5.6 The screeners of the films will be not returned. The  Festival  keeps the screener of the film in its archives for the exclusive use of students, academics and film professionals.
5.7 If the work is selected, the Festival – upon acceptance –  can keep a copy also in the archive of the Milano Film Network – made up of all the organizers of film competitions and festivals in the city of Milan (www.milanofilmnetwork.it). Works could be seen by  professionals in the film and audiovisual sector associated with and previously authorized by the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival and/or by the Milano Film Network  in low resolution and only once each and protected by suitable anti-piracy measures.

6. Sending films for screening
6.1 The Festival Management reserves the right to accept the following screening formats:  35mm, DCP, blu-ray, file Apple ProRes o H264. For every screening, it also required a different backup format.
6.2 The Bureau will contact the contact person for the shipment of the copy of the film for the screening to define the conditions.
6.3 The copy of the film for the screening must reach the Festival no later than 5th March 2019.
6.4 The Festival pays only for the inbound or outbound the shipment of the copies of the films selected.
6.5 All the copies must be in the original version with English subtitles and, if possible, also in Italian.
6.6 If the copy does not have subtitles in Italian, the Festival will pay for the electronic subtitling (off screen) of the film. The list of subtitles with time code (in English or French) synchronized with the on-screen subtitles or the subtitled DVD, 100% identical to the screening copy of the film, will therefore be required.
6.7 As well as sending the screening copies, please also send, where possible, posters and paper promotional material.

7. Juries and Prizes
7.1 Personalities from the world of cinema and culture are invited by the Festival Management to form three Official Juries. The Juries are asked to award the official prizes.
7.2Alongside the Official Prizes, there are several special prizes and awards.

8. Admittance for the public
8.1 The screenings are held in 4 (or more) different cinemas in Milan.
8.2 The public are admitted to the cinemas by purchasing a ticket or a pass valid for all the screenings at the Festival.
8.3 Passes with discounts are available for cultural associations, the over 65s and students.
8.4 Entry to the Festival Center is free of charge.

9. Press accreditations
9.1 Journalists can request free accreditation.
9.2 Requests for accreditation must be received no later than 8th March 2019.
9.3 Requests for accreditation must be presented on headed letter paper and signed by the management of the publication concerned.

Entry form | Download pdf | Versione Italiana

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