Kyevnu (2019)

Uganda – 2018

Director:  Kemiyondo Coutinho
Screenplay:  Kemiyondo Coutinho
Runtime:  20’
Cast:  Kemiyondo Coutinho, Michael Wawuyo Jr.
Editing:  Peter Mukiibi
Cinematography:  Isaac Ekuka
Sound:  Moses Bwayo, Andrew Ahurra
Production:  Kemistry Klass, Quad A, Addmaya, Jajja Productions
Sales:  Kemiyondo Coutinho
Language:  English
Awards: Best Short Film (Pan African Film Festival 2018), Harness Award (NBC Short Film Festival 2018), Best East African Talent Award (Zanzibar Film Festival 2018), Best International Short Film (Jozi Film Festival 2018), Best Short Film (Uganda Film Festival 2018)

Italian première

A girl, educated in the US, returns to her country of origin, Uganda. Her skin is lighter, the yellow of the sunflowers is her favourite colour. While the other women make fun of her for her accent and the bus drivers try to rip her off, a kind boy falls madly in love with her. She is fresh, sexy and free, but this emancipation will cause her a wound that heals with great difficulty.

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