We are back!

30th edition of African, Asian and Latin America Film Festival will be held online on MyMovies.it, from March, 20th to 28th 2021: 9 days of online screenings, meetings with the artists, special events inspired by the cultures of the 3 continents

The prismatic zebra, dressed up for the important anniversaryreturns to the scene after a difficult year without a festival, due to the postponement of the 2020 edition in accordance with the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.    

It will therefore be a “special” edition that also aims to be an opportunity for reflection on the initial mission of the Festival: to promote cinematic knowledge of the three continents to help increase cultural diversity in Italy’s cinematic landscapeas a development factor and source of multicultural exchangeinnovation and creativity 

Among the approximately 600 films received this year, 50 were selected representing “the best” of the latest productions from and about Africa, Asia and Latin America. As always, the Festival will be divided into 3 competitive sections: the “Finestre sul Mondo” Feature Film Competitionincluding national previews of fiction and documentaries from 3 continents; the “African Short Film Competition”, with movies by young directors from the African continent; the “Extr’A” Competitionreserved for Italian directors – or foreign directors, but residing in Italy – with films shot in Africa, Asia or Latin America and which offer a peak at current events in our country.  

It’ll be the year of Novelties…  

The Festival’s experience may changebut the variety and quality of the cultural offer absolutely won’t: 9 days of screenings on the MyMovies.it platform accompanied by meetings with the authors, special and in-depth events as always inspired by the 3 continents culturesall digitally availableAll the movies in the program will be visible by subscribing; the debates and events will be open to the public on Zoom and streaming on the FESCAAAL social channels. More information will be available soon 

An important addition to this edition is the participation of FESCAAAL in the annual program “The talents of women”, promoted by the Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Milano, in collaboration with the program Milano Città Mondo 05 – La città delle donne del Comune di Milano – Ufficio Reti e Cooperazione Culturale. The special selection “Women on the brink of changing the world” will be presented in the frame of the Festival, with a program of recent films by directors from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and a round table-discussion to reflect on women’s cinema and its social role, from a contemporary point of view and to promote the value of diversity and gender equality 

Another novelty will be the inauguration of a new website that will soon be online! This will allow you to experience the Festival during this year of important transition 

…but also, of great comebacks!  

The 30th FESCAAAL will also host the fourth AfricaTalks event entitled “Cityscapes: the transformations of urban Africa”: a special event organized in collaboration with the EDU Foundation dedicated to Africa and its more technological and innovative aspects that will deepen the theme of African cities that look to the future.  

Four speakers, from different disciplinary perspectiveswill bring their experiencesreflections and case studies on the urbanization processes, on innovations in the architectural and urban planning field and on the different growth models of cities, without leaving behind the aspects of urban marginalization and environmental sustainabilityAmong the participants Yvonne Aki-Sawyerrmayor of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, included in the BBC’s list of 100 most influential women in 2020 and the famous Ethiopian architect Rahel Shawl 

The beautiful journeystarted in 2019 by MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY continuesMiWY’s the first and only film festival for schools in Italy entirely dedicated to learning about the cinema and cultures of Africa, Asia and Latin America and to multicultural education. The second edition of MiWY will be held online on the MyMovies.it platform from the 15th to the 28th of March 2021, expanding to a national dimension 

With 14 days, 13 films, 5 new partners throughout the country, 3 special juries, 4 awards, 1 masterclass for High School students and 1 webinar for teachers, the MiWorld Young Film Festival will be an opportunity for young viewers to get to know never-seen-before films and meet with directors from three continentsstarting a dialogue with a multicultural perspective. A real journey through Global Citizenship education, to be included in the didactic plan of Civic Education 

Participation in screenings and meetings is free with reservations required. Registrations for classes are still open. All general information regarding subscriptions and films in the program are available on the COE Association website at this link by contacting Manuela Pursumal with an e-mail at coescuola@coeweb.org. 

The full program for the 30th edition will be announced in early March.  

The African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival is organized by the Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo – COE www.coeweb.org and is a founding member of MFN – Milano Film Network, the network that combines the experience and resources of the seven Milanese film festival.  

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