Urgent CALL: #releasetheartistsSudan

We join the call to ask to the Sudanese authorities  to immediately release 5 artists who got arrested in Karthoum for trivial reasons.


Art cannot be a Crime!

On August, 10th  5 young artists got arrested in Karthoum at the Civic Lab, a culturale space, where the were reharsal a teathre play. They have been accused  of “public annoyance”.

The trivial reason and the violent attitude indicate a lack of equity in the justice system and a really worrying and dangerous context for intellectuals  in the country. We also worry about the criminalization of the individuals of the civil society who are not aligned with the governamental ideology in Sudan.


Amongst the artists who got caught there is Hajooj Kuka, a young promise of african cinema, whose films Beat of the Antonov and aKasha have been premiered in Toronto ND Venice with a great success.

We are worried, together with other festivals and cultural institutions worldwide for the violent and rough treatment  Hajooj and other artists are subjected to in jail.

We want them free! We ask to release:

Hajooj Kuka
Abdel Rahman Mohamed Ahmed,
Ayman Khalaf Allah Mohamed Ahmed
and Duaa Tarig Mohamed Ahmed


How you could help?

It’s now online a petition you can sing on change.org to raise signatures and ask the release of Hajooj and the other artists!

In less than 2 minutes you can make the difference!
Join us!


Share your commitment using your social network channels and spread the word!

To raise up our voice and make some pressure to the institutions we can write to the sudanese embassies in different countries. For more information you can reach the International Coalition for Filmakers at Risk (ICFR) here: contact@icfr.international 

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