Save the date!


We couldn’t leave you hanging.
Grab your calendars: it’s time we revealed the dates of next year’s Festival!

 The 29th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival
will take place in Milan from 23rd to 31st March 2019

Clear your schedules, the Zebra will be waiting for you next year for a week full of films, events, meetings, exhibitions and many other initiatives to discover the cultures from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In the meantime, you can relive the Festival 2018 browsing through the pages of our website.



But that’s not all you can do…


Explore the Festival’s website

During the weeks following the end of the 28th Festival, we worked to enrich the contents of the website in order to let you know better the history of the Festival, from its origins to its evolution over the years, through the internationally-renowned artists who have been our guests in Milan and the emerging directors we promoted.

For example, did you know that the Festival at the beginning was an African Film Festival, and starting from 2003 it expanded to Asia and Latin America? And that Academy Award-nominee Abderrahmane Sissako presented his first short film, Le jeu, during the 2nd edition of the African Film Festival in 1992?

You can find all these trivia in Our History!



If however you’re curious to find out all the winners of the African, Asian and Latin America Film Festival year by year, have a look at the Archive, with all the posters of each edition from 1991 until today.



Perhaps not everyone knows that some films presented at the Festival travel from Milan throughout Italy thanks to the COE’s activities and it’s film distribution catalogue COEmedia.


The new COEmedia catalogue

COEmedia Distribuzione Cinema

We’re happy to ptresent you the new COEmedia Distribuzione Cinema catalogue in a brand new and improved version!
Associazione COE is engaged in film promotion and distribution in Italy since the 1980s, and today its unique fim catalogue counts over 250 films (distribution, home video and archive) from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

COEmedia’s new website is divided in 3 sections:

All the films available for renting, in the original version subtitled in Italian, for non-commercial public screenings, in different formats. 
All the films available to buy in DVD in the original version subtitled in Italian.
All the films available for renting and/or home video and the films from COEmedia’s historical archive at the disposal of scholars, researchers and students.

These are the catalogue’s latest acquisitions, directly from the 28th Festival:


Contact us for any further information!


The Festival is social!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to follow the Zebra on our social media.



We’ll keep updating you with news about the Festival and the best from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our offices will remain closed from 6th to 25th August.
Enjoy summer holidays!

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