Thank you. It has been so beautiful.

Cerimonia di apertura - Foto di Valentina Micol Carnevali

Cerimonia di apertura – Foto di Valentina Micol Carnevali

Another Festival edition has came to an end, number 27.

Down the curtain for this 2017, 27 years of Cinema, artists, images, music, words and, also, commitment, research, discovery and a lot of beauty.

Compliments to the winners of this edition that we had to opportunity to meet and appreciate.

Dedication of a passionate staff from a enlightened association, the COE Association, which organizes, supports and promotes this event since the very beginning,  with care and professionalism.

A Festival which gives a lot to its home city, Milan, but at the same time and extent collects a lot from the people of the audience, so present and so warm. About 20,000 people, also this year, thet we would like to thank  one by one for being there and for participating to the screenings, to the Festival Center’s meetings and to the special events in the city.

A Festival is also – and especially – participation and warmth, and for this reasons our guests and filmmakers feel enchanted in every edition. Thanks to all of you!

Festival could not exist without its partners, which every year, support the activities, becoming involved in an active and creative way, without the precious collaborators, part of an harmonious team always  ready to face difficulties and to share successes, without the interns and the students who are called to begin a real training adventure (sometimes crazy) with us and without our legendary volunteers – some of them new and other “recidivists”, who give us their time and energies. Thank you to you, too!

A Festival really never ends, as soon as an edition comes to an end, after recovering from the efforts, the team re-organizes itself immediately in order  to program the new year, starting again learning from feedbacks and from the points of strength and of weakness, in an ongoing process of education and improvement.

For all these reasons we strongly want to invite you to continuing following us, to participate to our initiatives, to our events and screenings about to come along this year which separates us from next edition.

To go on together feeling  the future beating,  that future in which we wanted to bring you and that you lived with us in the intensive week just finished, to let the Festival keep going all the year long.

Thank you very much from all of us.

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