Awards of the 27° African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival


House in the fieldThe Jury made up of:
Rachid Benhadj, Presidente – Director (Algeria)
Massimo D’Anolfi e Martina Parenti – Directors (Italy)
Spranga D. Katugampala – Directors (Sri Lanka – Italy)

unanimously awards the City of Milan Prize “Windows of the World” to the Best Feature Film (8,000 €):

House in the FieldsTala Hadid, Morocco/Qatar, 2017

For the authenticity, the freshness, the search for a new language and the capacity to enter into intimacy with the main characters, without forcing any situation, and making everyday life great.


The Jury made up of Anna Bandettini, President (la Repubblica), Sara Del Corona (Marie Claire), Francesco Rizzo (La Gazzetta dello Sport) awards the COE Prize for the Best African Short Film (2,000 €) to:

Un enfant perduNdiaye Abdou Khadir, Senegal, 2016

The Director has succeeded in weaving not only a story with a moving and surprising plot, but also outlining an original portrait of his country, going from bourgeois environments to the most desolated and marginalized landscapes, through the relations between people experienced and seen with the innocent and genuine eyes of a silent child.

Special Mention to:

Fatima, Nina Khada, France/Algeria 2016

For how it tells the story, using archive footage as well, of female sacrifice and tenacity in a world dominated by men, offering a reflection on the condition of women and on the need to consider each single human life as a memory to be preserved.

EXTR’A COMPETITION / Racism is a nasty story Competition

Moo YaThe Jury made up by Anna Bandettini, Sara Del Corona and Francesco Rizzo awards the prize (1,000 €) to:

Moo YaFilippo Ticozzi, Italy 2016

The film has the capacity to carve out the personality of the main character in the living matter of the nature in which he sits and walks. It also shows an excellent film rendering in the constructive silence which gives rhythm and volume to the scenes and it has succeeded in transforming the bloody chapter of the civil war in Uganda into an unforgettable subtext, but as though neutralized from the humanity of is people.

Special Mention:

WiwananaIacopo Patierno, Italy/Mozambico 2017

Through the journey of personal and expressive growth of the Mozambican actors involved in the theatrical project documented, the film breaks down every barrier between the characters and the viewer watching them and who identifies himself in them without reserve. As if by magic, the need to have recourse to an “us” and “them” falls and therefore the very concept of cultural barrier.


City of Milan Audience Prize

El AmparoRober Calzadilla, Venezuela Colombia 2016

Arnone – Bellavite Pellegrini Foundation Prize

NyerkukMohamed Kordofani, Sudan 2016

For having approached a neglected, although contemporary topic, that of war orphans, with originality and great emotional impact, The story creates strong tension thanks to the focus on the psychological portraits of the characters and the choice of the soundtrack.

The prize, which consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights for Italy, is awarded by a Jury of students to the best short film that approaches the topics of globalization, governance, legality and intercultural dialogue.

The prize was awarded by Egidio Arnone, of the Arnone Bellavite Pellegrini Foundation


Un enfant perdu, Abdou Khadir Ndiaye, Senegal 2016

For the delicate story of the small odyssey of an affluent child who ventures into an unknown outskirts, maturing the awareness of his identity; for the touching performance, without words and with an expression of disarming depth, of the small main character.

The prize, which consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy, is awarded to an African short film with educational value.

The prize was awarded by Neda Furlan.

ISMU Prize

Une place pour moiMarie Clémentine Dusabejambo, Rwanda 2016

The film approaches a subject that is always topical in the field of education, that of bullying and marginalization of those who are different, with an original approach for the context in which it is presented the discrimination of an albino girl at primary school in Rwanda. With a clear, direct and simple cinematographic language, both the dramatic aspect of the problem and its solution are developed, linked to the possibility of confrontation between those who are different and the force of speech capable of deconstructing prejudices.

The Ismu Foundation (Iniziative e Studi sulla Multietnicità) awards a prize to the best short film at the Festival an educational value, The prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded by a jury made up of the teachers Erica Arena, Anna Giorgia Barbaro, Franco Brega, Tullia Castagnidoli, Simona Cella, Mara Clemanti, Antonella Di Nardo, Paolo Ermano, Virginia Guarneri, Gabriella Lessana, Lucia Lorenzo, Monica Luisa, Fabio mantegazza, Valeria marchesi, Nicolas Mijares, Anna Mondi, Nicoletta Santilli, Marina Santini, Felicia Santorelli, Giuseppina Scalise, Francesco Sciaccaluga and Laura Succi.

The prize was awarded by Prof. Vincenzo Cesareo.


AilleursOthman Naciri, Morocco 2016

For how the director succeeds in uniting poetry and politics neutrally but evocatively, showing the troubled existential parabolas of two people who in a dialogue, bring out their differences but also their “brotherhood” because both are the sons of an unjust time. The two characters are suspended between sky and earth, perfect limits of the scene, in a limbo of identity and territory, representing a courageous and sincere humanity which, despite everything, exists and resists.

The CUMSE Foundation awards a prize to the best short film at the Festival which promotes dialogue between cultures, The Prize consists of the acquisition f the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded by a CUMSE jury.

The prize was awarded by Roberto Stigliano, President of CUMSE

Polis Srl Prize

WallayBerni Goldblat, Burkina Faso 2017

For having narrated the journey as an experience to give value to one’s origins, concentrating the plot on the family affections of the main character, a French teenager of Burkinabé origin. A witty story, set in a modern Africa in great ferment which stimulate intercultural dialogue with the West and is suitable for families and all types of public.

The prize, which consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy is awarded to a film that fosters integration and social cohesion.

The prize was awarded by Hrand Aladjian (General Manager) and Monique Van Marion (Purchasing Manager).


FélicitéAlain Gomis, France/Senegal/Belgium/Germany/Lebanon 2017

A film full of passion and poetry, which tells the story of three extraordinary human beings and captures, with incredible force, the sounds, the colours, the movements, the lights and the night of a unique city like Kinshasa. The prize is awarded by The World Catholic Association for Communication.

The prize was awarded by Gaetano Liguori, Vanessa Lanari and Giuseppe Acconcia.

Lenovo Prize

My Little Dhaka, di Rossella Anitori, Italy 2016

Lenovo awards a Yoga Book to the best young director who through his/her work has been able to tell the story of difference and its nuances.

The prize is awarded by Simona Menghini

Prospettive Prize

Babbo Natale, di Alessandro Valenti, Italy 2016

For its positive message and for its capacity to speak through a contemporary fairy tale of the importance of solidarity, sharing and personal sacrifice for the joy of others.

The prize is awarded to a short film in the Extr’A- racism is a nasty story competition by a jury made up of asylum-seekers hosted by COE in Esino Lario.

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