Awards of the 26° Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina


Emanuela Martini, President – Cinematographic critic, essayist and Torino Film Festival Director
Alessandra De Rossi – Actress, Philippines
Alex Moussa Sawadogo – Director of Afrikamera, Berlin

City of Milan “Windows of the World” to the Best Feature Film (euro 8.000)
ex-aequo to:

MADAME COURAGE by Merzak Allouache, Algeria/France, 2015

Because, through a work of documentation that lasted for more than thirteen years, the director shows us the strength of reality and the emotions of fiction.



WE’VE NEVER BEEN KIDS by Mahmood Soliman, Egypt/UAE/Qatar/Lebanon, 2015

For the beauty of the narrative structure and the efficacy of the characters who speak to the lives of us all.

Special Mention to:

LA DELGADA LINEA AMARILLA by Celso R. Garcia, Mexico, 2015

For the light tone with which the relationships between the characters is developed against a visually dazzling backdrop.


Jury: Angela Calvini (president), Marco Cacioppo e Marta Perego – Duomo Viaggi e Turismo Prize to the Best African Short Film (2.000 €) to:

the-mocked-oneTHE MOCKED ONE by Lemohang Jeremia MoseseLesotho, 2015

The story takes shape in Lesotho, in an ancestral context outside time, with a girl fighting for her father’s farm. This film shows the balances of a simple life, merged with the rhythms of nature, A true story which at times is painful and which emphasizes how it is necessary for everyone to follow their dreams, remaining true to their principles with intelligence.

Special Mentions to:

THIS MIGRANT BUSINESS by Ng’endo MukiiKenya, 2015
A short film in a journalistic spirit which has the virtue of talking about the present time in a concise and original way, bringing attention to the trafficking of migrants in Africa and the drama, too often silenced, of new slavery.

AYA GOES TO THE BEACH by Maryam TouzaniMorocco, 2015
For the intimacy and delicacy with which the story of little Aya is told. A young girl confined to a house and forced to become an adult before she should, but who does not forget her childhood which appears in the power of her imagination, in playing and in her relationship with her neighbour.

EXTR’A COMPETITION/ Il Razzismo è una brutta storia

The association Il razzismo è una brutta storia and bookshops laFeltrinelli award a special prize to the best film in the competition. Jury is composed by Angela Calvini (president), Marco Cacioppo and Marta Perego.

Razzismo Brutta Storia Prize  (1.000 €) to:

DUSTUR by Marco Santarelli, Italy, 2015
A film that is necessary in the dramatic historical period of the present, which documents the invaluable educational work in the Dozza prison in Bologna and which is engrossing thanks to an “alternative” but fascinating debate on the Italian Constitution, where different cultures clash and meet on the subjects of religion, law and human dignity.

Special Mentions to:

IL MURRAN. MASAI SULLE ALPI by Sandro Bozzolo, Italy, 2015

LORO DI NAPOLI by Pierfrancesco Li Donni, Italy, 2015


City of Milan Audience Prize

LA DELGADA LINEA AMARILLA by Celso Garcia, Mexico, 2015

Arnone – Bellavite Pellegrini Foundation Prize
The prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded by a Jury of young people to the best short film on the topics of Globalization, Governance, Rule of Law and intercultural dialogue.

Un métier bien by Farid BentoumiFrance/Algeria, 2015
For its complex message very much of today. For the originality with which it deals with issues very close to us such as unemployment and religious fundamentalism through the inversion of roles between the first and second generations; for its ability to open up debate avoiding providing simple answers but stimulating many questions.

Special Mention to:

THIS MIGRANT BUSINESS by Ng’endo MukiiKenya, 2015
For the simplicity and clarity with which it succeeds in showing the real situation of migrant trafficking, often the object of speculation by the media.

Jury composed by the students: Sara Amico, Ivan Ataco, Kelly Bernavis, Davide Cinque, Alberto Cogliati, Giorgio Coletti, Andy Del Rio, Pasqual eFlauto, Cristopher Gnaniem, Ivan Kovachev, Giulia  Mannarelli, Rocco Maresca, Ciro Marinosci, Beatrice Mombelli, Riccardo Nardin, Danilo Notaristefano, Massimiliano Ortu, Andrea Porta, Filippo Prandi, Karen Saggese, Dana Tescari, Jean Vahid.

The prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy of an African short film with educational value.

AYA GOES TO THE BEACH di Maryam Touzani (Marocco)
For the rainbow of colours and ideas offered by a story which is only apparently simple, capable of giving a single destiny to two lonely women who, at diametrically different ages, physical conditions and social classes, discover they are on the same wavelength in their view of the world which is below their balconies and their common need for freedom and love; and for the extraordinary achievement of the young actress who shows the inner depth of her character, a young girl capable of pursuing her dream by going beyond her condition, prohibitions and obstacles.

Jury composed by Massimo Nardin, Neda Furlan, Michela Manente and Massimo Caminiti.

ISMU Prize
The Prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded by a jury of teachers to the best short film at the festival with educational value. The prize is supported by the Fondazione Ismu  Foundation which deals with initiatives and studies on multietnicity.

TERREMERE by Aliou SowFrance/Senegal, 2015
The short film tells the story of a long, difficult and intense journey from France to Mauritania of a group of young men. One of them has lost his brother in France in an accident and they are taking the body to be buried in his home country. The film takes an engrossing and passionate approach to human and spiritual issues, allowing reflecting and insight on to the changes produced by emigration, the way of experiencing one’s culture and the meaning and respect of rituals of death and burial. The physical journey with the body takes on the values of a journey to investigate the theme of identity through the topics of friendship, solidarity and the different views of culture by different generations. The last sentence is of great impact and beauty: In the heart of nowhere rather than in the outskirts of others.

The Prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded by a jury composed by CUMSE Foundation’s members to the best short african film which promotes the dialogue among cultures.

IT’S MY ROAD by Nantenaina FifalianaMadagascar, 2015
For the humanity and the attention shown in representing the poorest, for the meticulous description of a life and its surrounding community and for the choice of a theme, water, that is universal and of great symbolic value.

Jury is composed by Cumse Foundations’s members.

Sunugal Prize
The Prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded by a Jury made up of members of the Sunugal Association to the best African short film.

THE MOCKED ONE by Lemohang Jeremia MoseseLesotho, 2015
For the courage, the commitment and the spirit of initiative of the main character in allowing us to live a simple and enthralling story; for the directing where attention has been paid to the slightest technical details (photography, lighting, landscape) which help to understand the story.

Jury composed by Modou Gueye, presidente of Sunugal Association and by Paola Deldebbio, Olivier Elouti and Rufin Doh.

Polis Prize
The Prize consists of the acquisition of the distribution rights in Italy and is awarded to a short film on the topic of integration and social cohesion.

Les empreintes douloureuses by B. Auguste Kouemo Yangho France/Camerun, 2015
An intimate and painful story of a generational conflict between mother and daughter in a situation of migration is told with a dry and understated language. Thanks to the film, we feel the depth of the wounds of the heart dictated when the self is not accepted and by not feeling integrated in family or social contexts and opens up a glimmer of the possibility of positive change only when the two main characters are willing to reciprocally acknowledge their fragilities.

The prize is awarded by the World Catholic Association for Communication.

Mina Walking by Yosef BarakiAfghanistan/Canada, 2015
The excellent young heroine is followed in real time by the documentary eye of the director in a film with a great emotional impact. Mina, in a world of violent and dominant men, gets by with the tenaciousness of her 12 years and with the energy required to survive in a society that has lost its bearings, such as Afghan society today.

Jury composed by Vanessa Lanari, Gaetano Liguori and  Marianna Ninni.

Zooppa – Lenovo Prize: #Italy2050

The prizes to the 3 best works, participating to the Zooppa Contest #Italy2050, dealing with thematics related to a multicultural and technological Italy of the future. Prizes consist on 1.000 euro and a workstation Lenovo “ThinkPad P40 Yoga”.
Matter of Edges 
by CHD Animations (Daniel Maculan, Alberto Rossato and Damiano Zanchetta)
Italia 2050 by APZmedia (Pablo Apiolazza and Federica Raffin)
Sulla nostra pelle by Stefano Silvestri and Andrea Zauli 

Sulla nostra pelle has been also selected by a special Civic Schools of Cinema of Milano composed by  Felice Cappa and  Massimiliano De Serio and the authors won a free admission to attend a Summer School course at the School.

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