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Finalist in the CheFare Innovation and Culture Call for Applications! You’ve got until 5th November!

CinEdu is a project by COE and the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival with the aim of promoting intercultural dialogue through the cinema.
Of the 800 projects presented at the CheFare3 Culture and Innovation Call for Applications,  only 40 have got through to the second phase of online voting. CinEdu | The first platform of cinema for intercultural education is one of them.

CinEdu is a web platform of short films that can be downloaded against payment by all the schools and teachers in Italy, for intercultural education, It can be an invaluable tool for greater civic education, knowledge of cultures and human rights through the cinema.

CinEdu has been selected as one of the finalists and you can vote online for it on  www.che-fare.com using the code 9.
Voting is open until  5th November.  The 10 projects receiving the  most votes will go on to the third phase of the competition and will have a chance to be implemented.

To give CinEdu this chance, your VOTE is essential!
VOTING FOR IT is simple, it only takes 3 minutes and few very simple moves.

1. Go to the site of the CheFare call for applications on the page dedicated to CinEdu
2. Click on  “VOTA” (under the COE logo)
3. If you are already registered on the CheFare site, log in, otherwise register.
4. Insert the information required (first name and surname, email address and date of birth) and VOTE.
5. Check your email inbox (at the address you gave for registration) and you will immediately receive 2 very important e-mails for your vote to be successful: one containing the registration data and a password to keep,  the other with a link to confirm the vote.
6. Click on the link to confirm and it will send you back to the CheFare site. If requested, insert your email address and the password which was sent to you and that’s it! Your vote will be confirmed by email.
7. Create the buzz, share your vote and invite your friends to vote for CinEdu!

What is CinEdu
CinEdu is a project for a web platform of films that can be downloaded as tools for intercultural education.
 is the future of education, it is a window on the World to encourage cultural openness using the cinema as an educational tool. The new technologies have made interconnection, the exchange of experiences and knowledge easier and broken down distances, so why not use them to open up a dialogue on the themes concerning interculture, by putting the pupils, teachers, educators and linguistic-cultural mediators all over Italy in touch with one another?
CinEdu will thus be a new place to enjoy, meet and exchange. For schools that are increasingly plural, accessible, shared and with their eyes open on to the world.

How CinEdu works
Short films selected and presented at the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival of Milan ( www.festivalcinemaafricano.org ) will be on the CinEdu platform; they can be presented directly in the classroom – or in other contexts – and can be the starting point of discussion for lessons and  to look at other subjects in further depth. The film catalogue of CinEdu, which will have a focus on interculture,  will be divided by themes and each film will be accompanied by educational notes, special contents, video tutoring and webinars. CinEdu will also offer the possibility of accessing a social space, an online forum of exchange of good practices where it will be possible to compare and exchange experiences, ideas and material.
Openness, new perspectives and sharing, all just a click away.

Who CinEdu addresses
CinEdu  addresses teachers, educators and professionals in the education sector and the third sector who believe in a plural educational system, attentive to current affairs and open to dialogue with cultures capable of forming new generations of the adults of tomorrow who will be increasingly Citizens of the World. CinEdu is for parents who want an attentive and innovative education with an international outlook for their children to help them on their educational pathway. CinEdu is also – and above all – conceived for children, adolescents and young people who can experiments alternative and exciting ways of studying where they can take a central role in their growth.
Mandela said that “education is the great engine of personal development” and we can all be cogs – small but fundamental – in this engine.


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