Final Cut in Venice: open call

venice-film-festivalFinal cut in Venice will take place from 7th  to 8th September as part of the Venice Film Market of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival during (2nd  to 12th  September 2015).

Workshop to support the films in post-production

Post-production is a delicate and crucial phase in the making of a movie. It is precisely at this last stage of a film that the funding needed to complete the work is often lacking.

Venice Film Market and Venice International Film Festival, in collaboration with Amiens International Film Festival and Fribourg International Film Festival, invite you to participate in the workshop FINAL CUT IN VENICE, which supports  African and Arab films in postproduction.

During the Workshop the working progress copies of 6 films in postproduction, specifically selected, will be presented to an audience of producers, buyers, distributors and programmers of International film festival, to foster possible partnerships for co-production or access to the distribution market.


The workshop will end with the award of prizes in kind or in cash, intended to financially support the films during postproduction:

  • up to 50 work hours (including technician) for a commercial value of € 15,000 for digital color correction of a feature film, offered by Laser Film (Rome).
  •  a discount of € 15,000 offered by Mactari Mixing Auditorium (Paris) for the sound mix;
  •  € 10,000 toward post-production costs in France, offered by CNC – Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée- Paris (to be confirmed);
  •  up to € 10,000 for visual and special effects, offered by Knightworks(to be confirmed) ;
  •  up to € 10,000 for digital color correction, a master DCP and French or English subtitles, offered by Titra TVS (Paris);
  • up to € 6, make a master DCP and Italian or English subtitles, offered by Sub-ti Ltd (London);
  •  € 5,000 to acquire television broadcasting rights for two years, offered by Rai Cinema (to be confirmed);
  •  the printing of a 35mm copy (without subtitle s) or participation in the cost of making a DCP, offered by the Festival International de Film d’Amiens;
  •  the printing of a 35mm copy (without subtitles) or participation in the cost of making a DCP, offered by the Festival International de Film de Fribourg;

The regulation and the registration form  are  available on the website here

Deadline for registration and for sending the work in progress copies of the film: by June 19 .

Final Cut in Venice is held in collaboration with Laser Film,  Mactari, CNC, Knightworks, Titra TVS, l’Institut Français, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), Sub-Ti Ltd, Rai Cinema, Festival International du Film d’Amiens, Festival International de Films de Fribourg.

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