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“What a Wonderful World”
Milan, 18-25 March 2018

The Sections:

Windows on the World Feature Film Competition: 10 films (fiction and documentaries) carefully selected among the latest productions from the three continents, giving priority to young filmmakers.

African Short Film Competition: the best short films (fiction and documentaries) made by directors from Africa or the African diaspora. The selection aims to promote young directors taking their first steps in filmmaking and to show the new trends and experimentations of African cinema.

Extr’A Competition: dedicated to films made by Italian filmmakers who are confronted by different cultures and want to show a side of Italy that reflects cultural diversity. The selected films are either shot in the three continents or are centered around immigration issues.

Flash Section: this section presents the special film events of the Festival: important premieres of films made by famous directors, the most awarded and critically-acclaimed works, the best expressions of contemporary cinema that tells and inteprets the modernity from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Non-Competitive Section: this section groups all the special screenings presented at the Festival in collaboration with partners within various projects.

Everybody’s laughing…: the funniest comedies from the three continents

Tribute to idrissa Ouédraogo: A tribute to the great burkinabe director Idrissa Ouédraogo, a long-time friend of our Festival, recently deceased.


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