Merzak Allouache

Merzak Allouache
The Algerian director and screenwriter Merzak Allouache started his training at the National Film Institute of Algiers and then continued at the IDHEC in Paris. His first fiction film, Omar Gatlato of 1976, was followed by Bab El-Oued City, presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994. His best known films, made in Algeria and in France, which show his talent in the field of comedy as well as in drama, include: Salut cousin!, L’Autre Monde, Chouchou, The Repentant, The Rooftops and Madame Courage, which won ex-aequo the FESCAAAL  in 2016.

Filmography (as director):
1976 – Omar Gatlato
1978 – Moughamarat Batal
1983 – L’homme Qui Regardait Les Fenêtres
1986 – Un Amour À Paris
1993 – Bab El Oued City
1995 – Salut Cousin!
2000 – L’autre Monde
2003 – Chouchou
2005 – Bab El Web
2009 – Harragas
2011 – Normal!
2012 – The Repentant
2013 – The Rooftops
2015 – Madame Courage
2016 – Investigating Paradise
2018 – Divine Wind

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