Yasmina (2019)

France – 2018

Director:  Claire Cahen, Ali Esmili
Screenplay:  Ali Esmili
Runtime:  20′
Cast:  Hana Mekacher, Kenza Noah Aiche, Capucine Valmary, Catherine Salée, Sébastien Houbhani, Patrick D’Assumcao
Editing:  Baptiste Petit-Gats
Cinematography:  Eric Dumont
Sound:  Remi Chanaud
Production:  Yukunkun Productions
Sales:  Yukunkun Productions, Nelson Ghrénassia nelson@yukunkun.fr
Language:  French
Awards: Jury Award (Festival du Film de Tanger 2019)

Italian première

Fifteen-year-old Yasmina is the young promise of a football team. An excellent player and very plucky, she is determined to make a name for herself in the world of sport. When her father is arrested for illegal immigration, Yasmina has to decide whether to hide or to play  the most important game for her future.


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