Life of Marzouk (2018)

Vita di Marzouk_ by Ernesto Pagano
Life of Marzouk
Italy / France – 2017

Director: Ernesto Pagano
Screenplay: Ernesto Pagano, Lorenzo Cioffi, Matteo Parisini
Runtime: 61′
Editing: Matteo Parisini
Cinematography: Lorenzo Cioffi
Sound: Francesco Amodeo, Ernesto Pagano, Sound editing
Production: LADOC srl, Dublin Films, France Television, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel; in collaborazione con Rai Cinema
Distribution: Aquatic Films,
Language: Italian, Arabic, French

International première

A Tunisian musician, his Italian wife, and their marriage crisis. A trip to his bilad, his home town, for the first time with his children instinctively in search of his homeland and of his identity. Life of Marzouk is an intimate portrait of an attempt at integration which finds in love its only possible solution.

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