The Fifth Point of the Compass (2018)

The Fifth Point of the Compass_by Martin Prinoth 1

The Fifth Point of the Compass
Italy / Germany – 2017

Director: Martin Prinoth
Screenplay: Martin Prinoth, Akin E. Sipal
Runtime: 78′
Editing: Martin Prinoth
Sound: Martin Prinoth
Production: Miramonte Film
Distribution: Against Reality Pictures, Martin Prinoth,
Language: Portuguese, German, Rhaeto-Romanic

Italian première

In 2009, the director’s cousin Georg, who grew up as an adopted child in a small village in the Dolomites, died in a plane crash when he was returning from Brazil where he had gone to look for his biological mother. Seven years later, his adoptive brother Markus, crosses the ocean to follow in the footsteps of Georg and starts a journey in search of his own identity.

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