The Day I Lost My Shadow (2019)

The Day I Lost My Shadow
Syria/Lebanon/France/Qatar – 2018

Director:  Soudade Kaadan
Screenplay:  Soudade Kaadan
Runtime:  94’
Cast:  Sawsan Arsheed, Reham Al Kassar, Samer Ismael, Oweiss Moukhallalati, Ahmad Morhaf Al Ali
Editing:  Pierre Deschamps, Soudade Kaadan
Cinematography:  Eric Devin
Sound:  Rayan Obeidine
Production:  KAF Production, Acrobates Film, Metaphora Production
Sales:  Stray Dogs, Georgia Mouton Lorenzo
Language:  Arabic
Awards: World Fiction Award – Special Jury Prize (Los Angeles Film Festival 2018), Lion of the Future (“Luigi de Laurentiis” Award for Best Debut Film 2018)

Synopsis: Syria, winter 2012. A young mother struggles to bring up her child in Syria, amidst cuts in the supply of water and of power. Looking for a gas canister, she ventures into the suburbs of Damascus where she experiences all the brutality of war. An odyssey without an end which separates her painfully from her child, dropping her into a surreal and dream-like dimension, where everything seems to happen without logic and the connective traumas deprives the victims of their shadow.

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