Riski (2018)

Riski_by Otto Reuscherl 1

Italy / Germania – 2017

Director: Otto Reuschel
Screenplay: Otto Reuschel
Runtime: 12’
Editing: Otto Reuschel
Cinematography: Otto Reuschel
Sound: Riccardo Spagnol
Production: Border Stories Morocco & Drop Out – Camera di Specchi
Sales: Otto Reuschel otto.reuschel@gmail.com
Language: Arabic
Awards: Best Documentary Jury D.E-R Association, Section Global (Docunder30, 2017)

Mohammed, together with dozens of young Moroccans aged between 8 and 18, lives on the shore of the Mediterranean in the port of Melilla, an autonomous Spanish city on the eastern coast of North Africa, in the hope of one day succeeding in stowing away on a cargo ship headed for Europe.

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