Nimble Fingers (2018)

Nimble fingers_by Parsifal Reparato 2

Nimble Fingers
Italy / Vietnam – 2017

Director: Parsifal Reparato
Screenplay: Parsifal Reparato
Runtime: 52’
Cast: Bùi Thị Bảy, Nguyễn Thị Thanh, Vũ Thị Kim Dung
Editing: Armando Duccio Ventriglia
Cinematography: Parsifal Reparato
Sound: Federico Tummolo
Production: Nacne
Sales: Nacne, Parsifal Reparato
Language: Vietnamese, Muong
Awards: Best Italian Documentary (Roma Cinema Doc, 2017)

Bay is one of the thousands of young migrants who work in the Vietnam factories of the most important brands of global electronics. Behind the perfectibility of these young workers, Bay reveals the dreams and fears of a girl of her age, who loves the estrangement of the passage from the countryside to industrial society, and wants to look for a new path to make her dreams come true.

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