Neviaro (2018)

Neviaro_by Francesca Cogni 1

Italy – 2017

Director: Francesca Cogni
Screenplay: Michael Antonucci, Alpha Mamadou Sow, Mamadou Bamba, Dejvid Hada, Alberto Franco, Gianni Bertona, Traoré Tidiane, Alessia Antonucci, Francesca Cogni
Runtime: 27′
Editing: Francesca Cogni
Cinematography: Michael Antonucci, Alpha Mamadou Sow, Mamadou Bamba, Francesca Cogni
Production: Fondazione Dravelli, Airelles Vidéo
Distribution: Francesca Cogni
Language: Italian

It is 13 October, it is snowing. In a mountain village in the north of Italy, the stories of the youngsters who live in Valdieri are entwined with those of Alpha, Bamba and the African boys who have just arrived in Europe. What seems taken for granted – places, identities, origin – gradually starts to be confused, in a mosaic where everything – past, present and future – is actually in continuous movement.

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