James Joyce’s Silence (2018)

Il silenzio di James Joyce_foto

James Joyce’s Silence
Italy – 2017

Director: Michele Tarzia
Screenplay: Michele Tarzia
Runtime: 10′
Cast: Roberto Giriolo (voice over)
Editing: Michele Tarzia
Cinematography: Michele Tarzia
Sound: Simone Casile
Production: {movimentomilc}
Distribution: {movimentomilc} info@movimentomilc.com
Language: Italian, English

The film is divided into two acts, in two compositions of research on the question of immigration.
I. Drifting. The dream-like and desecrating vision of a voice that narrates and implores a God who is present and detached.
II. Landings. The film documentation of one of the landings in Calabria in 2016 with 600 migrants in the port of Vibo Marina.

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