Hanaa (2018)

Hanaa_by Giuseppe Carrieri 1

Italy – 2017

Director: Giuseppe Carrieri
Screenplay: Giuseppe Carrieri
Runtime: 87’
Editing: Carlotta Marrucci
Cinematography: Nicola Baraglia, Giorgia Benazzo, Marco Caddeo, Giancarlo Migliore, Matteo Urbinati
Sound: Nicola Baraglia, Giorgia Benazzo, Marco Caddeo, Carlotta Marrucci, Giancarlo Migliore, Matteo Urbinati
Production: Natia Docufilm, Rai Cinema
Sales: Natia Docufilm, Giuseppe Carrieri giuseppecarrieri@natiadocufilm.com
Language: Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Nigerian Pidgin
Awards: Best Documentary (Cape Town Film Festival 2017)

In India a girl has been promised as a bride. In Nigeria a girl has been kidnapped by Boko Haram. In Peru a girl has become a mother. In Syria, because of the war, a girl has been sold to the richest bidder. Their four destinies will inevitably cross, from the name that they all share: Hanaa.

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