Granma (2018)

Granma_by Alfie Nze and Daniele Gaglianone 4

Italy – 2017

Director: Daniele Gaglianone, Alfie Nze
Screenplay: Daniele Gaglianone, Alfie Nze
Runtime: 35’
Cast: Sunday Nubi Onuche, Benedicta Gbemudu, Tessy Honuoha, Helen Ameh, Okechi Enyi
Editing: Cristina Monti
Cinematography: Ayo Obalisa
Sound: Vito Martinelli
Production: Horace per OIM – Organizzazione Internazionale per le Migrazioni
Sales: Pablo / Kio Film, Valentina del Buono
Language: English

Jonathan is a young Igbo man with a passion for music. During a recording the phone rings: Momo, his cousin who has left for Europe, is dead. The sad news has to be given to the family: Jonathan’s grandmother takes on the job and sets off with her grandson for a long bus journey.

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