Next Future (2018)

Futuro Prossimo_4

Next Future
Italy – 2017

Director: Salvatore Mereu
Screenplay: Rossana Patricelli e Salvatore Mereu
Runtime: 17′
Cast: Rachel Akinbi, Mojo Kuti, Francesco Vesta, Susanna Mantega, Roberto Pilato
Editing: Davide Dal Padullo
Cinematography: Sandro Chessa
Sound: Daniele De Angelis
Production: CELCAM-Università di Cagliari
Distribution: CELCAM-Università di Cagliari
Language: Italian

During the day Rachel and Mojo wander around the city, in search of a job they cannot find. At night they find shelter in one of the cabins on the beach. One morning, the custodian Basilio, during his round, discovers that someone has spent the night in one of the cabins…

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