Enjoy the Ride (2018)

Enjoy the ride_by Ferruccio Goia 3

Enjoy the Ride
Italy – 2017

Director: Ferruccio Goia
Screenplay: Ferruccio Goia
Runtime: 19’
Editing: Ferruccio Goia
Cinematography: Ferruccio Goia
Sound: Ferruccio Goia
Production: Ferruccio Goia Independent Production
Sales: Ferruccio Goia Independent Production ferruccio.goia@gmail.com
Language: no dialogues

In two years the director filmed for the United Nations everything that took place in the Strait of Sicily about migrants. From the material that remained ad that he did not use for documentary, sociological and humanitarian purposes, he drew this film, a short and almost abstract film, on these people’s journeys.

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