Divine Wind (2019)

Divine Wind
Algeria / Qatar / Lebanon / France – 2018

Director:  Merzak Allouache
Screenplay:  Merzak Allouache
Runtime:  96’
Cast:  Sarah Layssac, Mohamed Oughlis, Messaouda Boukhira, Hacene Benzerari, Abdelatif Benahmed, Brahim Derris
Editing:  Merzak Allouache, Factory Corp.
Cinematography:  Mohamed Tayeb Laggoune
Sound:  Mohamed Amine Teggar
Production:  Les. Asphofilms. Paris – Baya Films Algiers
Sales:  Les. Asphofilms, Bahia Allouache lesasphofilms@yahoo.fr
Language:  Arabic

Italian première

In the middle of the Algerian Sahara, young Armine awaits the arrival of his superior; a mysterious woman swathed in black veils whose name is Nour. Their mission is to attack an oil plant and they are waiting for instructions. A bond gradually forms between the two of them which will induce even more doubts, emotions and despair in the two young people who are preparing to die.

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