Babylonia Mon Amour (2018)

Babylonia mon amour_by Pierpaolo Verdecchi 1

Babylonia Mon Amour
Italy – 2017

Director: Pierpaolo Verdecchi
Screenplay: Pierpaolo Verdecchi and Fabio Toich
Runtime: 74′
Cast: Sabamby Mbaye, Khadim Kebe, Abdoukhadre Dieng, Fallou Ndiaye
Editing: Fabio Toich
Cinematography: Pierpaolo Verdecchi
Sound: Francesco Morosini
Production: OPS! Film, Cinetica Producciones
Distribution: Pierpaolo Verdecchi
Language: Wolof, Spanish, Italian
Awards: Hera Award for Best Film and Audience Prize (ShorTs Film Festival, Trieste 2017)

Precarious in their squat in Barcelona, two groups of Senegalese men wander at the mercy of an existential drift and begin to realize that their European dream, may only be a flash in the pan. The director captures the rage, but also the tenderness and the despair of the marginalized men who possess nothing except time and their lives. .

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