Abu Salim – Freedom is not cheap (2018)

Abu Salim_by Antonio Martino 1

Abu Salim – Freedom is not cheap
Italy / Libya – 2017

Director: Antonio Martino
Screenplay: Antonio Martino
Runtime: 24′
Editing: Antonio Martino
Cinematography: Antonio Martino
Sound: Antonio Martino
Production: Antonio Martino Production, in collaborazione con Bo Film
Distribution: Bo Film, Serena Gramizzi info@bofilm.com; Antonio Martino martino.antonio1@gmail.com
Language: Arab
Awards: Best Short Movie (Concorso Fare Memoria at the Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, della Deportazione, della Guerra, dei Diritti e della Libertà di Torino 2017)

Three years after the fall of the regime of Gaddafi, three former inmates of the maximum security prison of Abu Salim, return in the company of their children to the paces of their suffering. They will show them the price of freedom.

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