#MeetTheGuest: il FESCAAAL anche in vacanza

One of the most appreciated aspects of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival is its capacity of being a real meeting point amongst people. During the festival there’s no boundaries. It’s really easy for artists, audience and staff members meet each others after the screenings going on with debates, unsetting the distances among people coming from all around the world. It’s a very rare occasion for exchanging opinions, sharing stories and experiences.

It’s exactly in occasion line this that we love getting to know better our guests, in Milan for the Festival: acclaimed directors, promising beginners, but also actors and actresses, producer, photographers, cinematographic critics and international festival’s directors. Different paths and stories but all driven by the passion for Cinema and Culture.

Meet the Guests!

We’ve asked to 15 protagonists of our 29th edition, held last march, to unveiled to our public, telling about their relationships with Cinema both as insider professionals and viewers.

What their answers have in common is a vision of cinema as great source of stories. Someone used to get moved while watching Hollywood movies as a child and decided to make it a job; someone started from mainstream cinema and continued after in searching new tendencies  of expressions, there’s someone who decided to act in order to live different lives in just one and who’s is always in search of new ways to narrate the world and themselves trying to understand universe around. Among the names quoted as inspiring artists we find Kubrick, Truffaut and De Sica next to more contemporary filmmakers and widely well-knows such as Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Cristopher Nolan and Pedro Almodóvar. This is a real sign how cinema, included the one with a large distribution, could inspire and encourage new generations of artists to give birth to their own personal language and poetics.

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Next edition of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival will be held in march, 21st to 29th.

We are going to celebrate a special birthday, the 30th! Stay with us!

We are going on holidays, see you at the end of August! Have great holiday season!


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