“Twin Flower” opens the 29th Festival

Fiore Gemello di Laura Luchetti

For the first time it will be a film by an Italian director, Fiore Gemello by Laura Luchetti, to be released by Fandango, which will open the 29th edition of the Festival on Sunday 24 March.

It is a film which is very important to us and which we have supported since the phase of work in progress at the Atelier MFN 2017 of the Milano Film Network. We have chosen it for the aptness with which it deals with the subject of migrants, or rather, for how it does not analyse it, leaving it in the background, whilst it accentuates the story of friendship and love that is possible between Anna and Bassim, an act of resistance by two adolescents to stay “human”.

The two debuting actors, Kallil Koné from the Ivory Coast and Anastasyia Bogach, are young non-professionals masterfully directed by Laura Luchetti.

See you on Sunday 24 March
at Auditorium San Fedele (via Hoepli 3/b, Milan), 8.30 p.m.

“Kallil Koné had got off a boat from Libya just a few months before we started the shooting. He had reached Libya on foot from the Ivory Coast and from there he had set sail for Italy on board of one of the many rubber dinghies that often do not make it to their destination.
He wanted to be an actor, I watched him move and act during the screen test, He has a gift, an unrefined talent, a gaze which has behind it a horror that we cannot even begin to imagine.” — Laura Luchetti

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