La Belle at the Movies (2016)

La Belle at the Movies_16Cecilia Zoppelletto

La Belle at the Movies
(La Bella al cinema)

Italia/Repubblica Democratica del Congo/Gran Bretagna/Belgio – 2015

Direction: Cecilia Zoppelletto
Screenplay: Cecilia Zoppelletto
Cinematography: Paolo Camata
Editing: Paolo Camata
Time: 67’
Original Version: Francese, lingala
Production: Preston Witman Productions

Preston Witman Productions
Tel. +44 7747016035

Italian première

Kinshasa, called “la belle” has more than  10 million inhabitants but not a single cinema. Their closing has led to cultural isolation as well as loss of the seventh art, which is almost unknown today by the new generations. The film is a tribute to the cinema and its place in the collective imagination through the memories of the Congolese.

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