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Oxhide II
Cina - 2009
Direction: LIu Jiayin
Screenplay: Liu Jiayin
Camera: Liu Jiayin
Editing: Liu Jiayin
Cast: Liu Zaiping, Jia Huifen, Liu Jiayin
Format: Video
Time: 133 min.
Original Version: Mandarino
Production: Liu Jiayin
CinDi Seoul Film Festival 2009 (Red Chameleon and White Chameleon)
Liu Jiayin
In 2004, at 23, while she was still a student at the Beijing Film Academy, Liu Jiayin stunned the world by shooting Oxhide with a small DV camera but in Cinemascope in her parents’ 50 square metre apartment. With Oxhide II the previous formal radicalism takes a further step forward: keeping the Cinemascope ratio, it breaks down an even smaller space and organizes its 133 minutes into 9 shots of uneven lengths and varied angles that go around a dinner table/workshop. Within this minimalist framework, several layers of emotion and narration intersect.
LIu Jiayin
Liu Jiayin was born in Beijing in 1981 and grew up there. She studied at the Beijing Film Accademy, specializing in screenwriting. Her first feature film Oxhide, the winner of several awards including the Fipresci award at the Berlinale, the Golden DV Award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Dragons and Tigers Award at the Vancouver Film Festival, is considered the most important Chinese film of recent years. Its sequel, Oxhide II has been equally successful and received an award at the CinDi in Seoul and was presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. She is currently teaching at the Beijing Film Academy and developing the final part of her trilogy, Oxhide III.
2002 – The Train, cm / 2005 – Oxhide, lm / 2009 – Oxhide II, lm / 2010 – 607, cm
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