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The Other Half
Cina - 2006
Direction: Ying Liang
Screenplay: Ying Liang, Peng Shan
Camera: Li Rongsheng, Ying Liang
Editing: Ying Liang
Sound: Ying Liang, Peng Shan
Music: Zhang Xiao, Ko Kyota
Cast: Zeng Xiaofei, Deng Gang, Zhao Ke, Chen Xigui
Format: Video
Time: 111 min.
Original Version: Sichuanese
Production: Peng Shan
Tokyo Filmex (Special Jury Prize Kodak Vision Award), Jeonju International Film Festival (Special Jury Award), Singapore International Film Festival (Special Jury Award)
Jonathan Hung
A fractured narration, punctuated by a series of arresting frontal tableaux, against the background of an industrial accident in the Sichuan town of Zigong. The mise en scène plays with the convention of talking heads, when the fictitious heroine, Xiaofen (Zeng Xiaofei), a legal secretary, addresses the camera; so do a motley assortment of plaintiffs presenting their grievances in the lawyer’s office (divorces, spousal abuse, medical malpractice, labour disputes); but they are playing their own roles and their stories are all too real…
Ying Liang
Ying Liang, an independent filmmaker and screenwriter, was born in China in 1977. A graduate of the Directing Department of Chongqing Film Academy and Beijing Normal University, he made several successful short films before his debut feature film Taking Father Home (2005), selected to take part in more than thirty international film festivals. In 2006 he directed The Other Half with the support of the Hubert Bals Fund of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. Good Cats (2008) is his third feature film.
2003 – The Missing House, cm / 2005 – Taking Father Home, lm / 2006 – The Other Half, lm / 2008 – Good Cats, lm.
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