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Little Moth
Cina - 2007
Direction: Peng Tao
Screenplay: Peng Tao
Camera: Huang Yi
Editing: Peng Tao
Sound: Wu Zheng
Cast: Hong Qifa, Han Dequn, Zhao Huihui, Zhang Lei, Gao Yuanbing
Format: Video
Time: 99 min.
Original Version: Dialetto hubei
Production: Peng Tao, Zeng Wenwen
Peng Tao, Yang Na
“I’ve found a girl for you,” says an uncle to his nephew Luo Jiang. “She’s eleven and cannot walk.” He bought her for 1000 yuan (about 10 euro) so they can use her to beg in the streets. For his first feature film, Peng Tao readapted the novel Xue Chan by Bai Tianguang and spent weeks in the mountainous area of the province of Hubei to select non-professional actors. Compared to professional beggars, the children, in their fight for survival, are even lower on the social scale and the film is told from their point of view through a hand-held camera that often stays at their level.
Peng Tao
Peng Tao was born in 1974 in Beijing and studied film at the Art Department of Beijing Film Academy from which he graduated in 2004. He was still a student when he made Story in the Winter (2002), with which he won the prize for the best short film at the Beijing Student Film Festival, and Goodbye Childhood, a short film in 35 mm which has also won an award. Little Moth is his first feature film which he also wrote and produced independently.
2002 – Story in the Winter, cm / 2004 – Goodbye Childhood, cm / 2007 – Little Moth, lm / 2008 – Wait, cm / 2009 – Floating in Memory, lm
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